S Line

The Display Stand


This indoor stand for flatscreens can be used for trade show displays, as a preview monitor, or as a touch-screen table. The display holder can accommodate slanted projectors.

Height Options

DesignStand S2
min. 42 cm | max. 200 cm
DesignStand S3
min. 42 cm | max. 300 cm


Display holder
120˚ rotatable


recommended up to
max. 125 kg


with decentralized mount


Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 2.8 kg

Display holder

Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 2.6 kg

Display holder

The display holder can accommodate the following VESA measurements:
7.5 cm x 7.5 cm
10 cm x 10 cm
10 cm x 20 cm
20 cm x 30 cm
30 cm x 30 cm
40 cm x 40 cm
The M10 screw thread is located directly over the universal head when the display is in the 180˚position.

Mounting hole

The display holder can be mounted on the universal head at three different heights. The three mounting holes are spaced at 8.5 cm intervals.

Possible Angles

When mounting the display holder in mounting hole two and three, the display holder can rotate in 10˚ steps.


Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 6.4 kg | 5.2 kg | 4.1 kg | 3.4 kg


Color: RAL 9005
Color: 20 kg | 37 kg

Baseplate S2

Baseplate S3


S2 Set Components

1 x Baseplate S2
1 x Head
1 x Display holder

1 x 80 cm
1 x 60 cm
1 x 40 cm

S3 Set Components

1 x Baseplate S3
1 x Head
1 x Display holder

1 x 100 cm
1 x 80 cm
1 x 60 cm

Height Options

Mounting 1: 90˚ / hole 1
Mounting 2: 90˚ / hole 2
Mounting 3: 90˚ / hole 3
Mounting 4: 180˚ / hole 2
Mounting 5: 180˚ / hole 3
*Height at mounting 3

Options and Attachments

VESA extension

A VESA extension can be screwed directly into the display bracket for displays with a VESA dimension larger than 40 cm x 40 cm. The VESA extension can also be mounted at a 90˚ angle on the display bracket.

Stacking table and wheel options

A stacking table can be mounted at each joint and on all of the models of the Design Pedestals to support laptops or keyboards. The table has a surface of 35 cm x 45 cm. The table and all Excellent extension components have an opening of 2 cm x 3 cm. This port is suitable for USB or power supply connections with most laptop and cable manufacturers.

The baseplates S2 and S3 can be delivered with 32 M6 steel screw threads. Each corner contains four steel screw threads at a distance of 6 cm x 8 cm for Bluewheels (ex/ Guitel 37024) and four steel screw threads at a distance of 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm for small wheels (ex/ Guitel 3703).

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