Alpha Line
for NEXO
Alpha Line for NEXO
Alpha Line for NEXO
complete NEXO loudspeaker range,
from stadium to gala
STM/M Series, PS Series, ID Series
Alpha Line for NEXO
changes the look of
a ground stack
No subwoofers are needed
to raise full-range cabinets
to their working height
The Adapter Heads
are specialized on the
NEXO Series STM/M, PS and ID
Optional attachment of
Front- or Sidefill ID24
Three different Baseplates
accommodate the complete NEXO range of subwoofers
and can be combined individually with different tops
With holes for permanent installation
Height Options
up to 300 cm
total height
maximum STM/M Series: 270 cm
maximum PS Series: 290 cm
maximum ID Series: 300 cm
Let us advise you about the capabilities and international transport: