S Line
The Display Stand
S2 and S3
with decentralized mount
Optional weight can be added to the baseplate
The Display holder
can be mounted at three different heights
and rotate in 10˚ increments
VESA measurements
bis 40 cm x 40 cm
and prepared for Panasonic rental frame ET-RFD91/21
Height options
up to 300 cm total height
with 125 kg actual load
maximum S2: 200 cm
maximum S3: 300 cm
can be installed on the
DesignStand S3 and S4
VESA extension
for displays
larger than 40 cm x 40 cm
Stacking table
for laptops or keyboards
32 M6 steel screw thread for
50 mm wheels or bluewheels
The square pipes
are hollow and can
be used to run cables
with rear cable exit
Let us advise you on the capabilities and international transport: